A Tradition That Keeps Us Going

Make your COVID vaccine part of trusted, routine healthcare to prevent serious illness and continue savoring the moments you love.

When it comes to getting sick, why risk it? Stay healthy and avoid the avoidable.

It’s recommended that everyone 5 years and older receive one updated COVID vaccination to prevent serious illness. Protecting yourself from COVID is now as simple as getting one annual shot.

If you have children aged 6 months to 4 years or if you are immunocompromised, contact your healthcare provider to learn how to stay current with COVID shots.

Woman holding a baby, man sitting on couch sneezing, elderly lady with vaccination bandaid on her arm.


Why Vaccinate?

Vaccines are Safe & Effective

Protect yourself and those around you with an annual vaccine that’s tested, proven, and safe.

Vaccines Prevent Serious Illness

Stay out of the hospital, reduce your risk of serious complications, and don’t miss out on all the things you love.

Getting Vaccinated is Simpler Than Ever

No need to worry about boosters. One annual shot takes a matter of seconds, and you can find a vaccination site near you.