Living Allowance
During the 18-19 year, members receive a bi-weekly living allowance (every two weeks) that is distributed equally throughout their term of service. Prior to taxes, the living allowance is $13,732 for full-time members and $6866 for half-time members.
Segal AmeriCorps Education Award
Full-time members who successfully complete their term of service receive an education award of $5,920; half-time members earn an education award of $2,960. The education award can be used to pay back federal student loans, to cover future costs of tuition, or for other educational purposes. The award has a seven-year expiration period and can be used at any accredited post-secondary school. Please note that the education award is considered taxable income at the federal level in the year that it is used. In Iowa, the education award is considered tax exempt at the state level.
Members who are 55 or older at the start of their service have an additional benefit. Within seven years of completing their AmeriCorps term of service, members may choose to transfer their education award to a child, grandchild, or foster child. The award must be used within ten years of the tutor receiving it.
Ongoing Training and Coaching
Reading Corps members receive training from well-respected literacy experts in both Iowa and Minnesota. They provide the knowledge and tools our members need to be effective and confident in their ability to help children grow their literacy skills. Each member is also assigned an Internal Coach at their site to provide ongoing and individual support throughout their term of service.
Professional Skill-Building
While members will see significant growth from their students, most members will also develop and refine their personal and professional skills throughout their term of service. For members who are pursuing or continuing an education career, the hands-on experience and literacy training offer an invaluable stepping stone. Members work closely with on-site staff who can offer insight and a “foot in the door” in the field. For members not pursuing an education career, Iowa Reading Corps builds essential career skills, promotes personal and professional growth, and highlights members’ commitment to community service.
Student Loan Forbearance and Interest Payment
Members who have federally-backed education loans are eligible to put their loans into forbearance during their term of service. Upon successful completion of the program, the National Service Trust will pay a portion or all of the interest that accrued on the loans during the term of service. Learn more about loan forbearance on the AmeriCorps website.
In addition, AmeriCorps terms of service also count toward the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. This program might be of particular interest to members who are interested in a career in public service (including careers with nonprofits, state government agencies, and schools) and would like to continue making consistent payments toward their student loan debt during their term of AmeriCorps service.
Health Insurance
Full-time members are eligible to enroll in a limited benefits health insurance plan through Iowa Reading Corps. Visit The Corps Network Insurance Plan to learn more about the type of insurance that is offered. 
Childcare Assistance
Members serving in a ful-time capacity may qualify to receive child care assistance. The Childcare Fact Sheet provides more information regarding the childcare assistance program and the application process.