Iowa Equity Challenge Day 1

Day 1 of 21




"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.

- Albert Einstein


Welcome to the 21-Day Equity Challenge! We are so excited that you’ve committed to this journey — alongside thousands of other Iowans — as we discover, learn, and grow together. 

As we explore important issues that impact many different Iowans, we hope you approach each day with an open mind, ready to learn and explore new ideas.  

Each weekday (excluding Labor Day), you will receive an email listing a selection of activities related to that day’s topics. First, read through the introductory paragraphs for an overview of the topic, then expand your knowledge by choosing one or two of the daily activities to read, watch, or listen to.

After you’ve completed your chosen activities, take a few minutes to reflect on the journal questions — writing your answers down by hand or on a computer, or just considering them in your head.

Most days, you should only need to spend about 15 minutes on the challenge. If some topics capture your interest, you can learn more by diving into the additional resources. You can also flag these emails or resources to come back to when you have more time.


Equality vs. Equity

Before we get started, let’s consider two related concepts that will be important throughout the challenge. Equality generally refers to equal opportunity and support for everyone. Equity takes this idea one step further by offering varying levels of support, depending on the differing needs of each group or individual, in order to achieve equal outcomes.


Start with the Survey

Have you had a chance to complete the Pre-Challenge Survey yet? If not, please take five minutes to fill it out now. Your anonymous answers will help us determine what you learned over the course of the challenge and how these topics relate to your daily life and your community.

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Learning Objectives

  • Keep an open mind.
  • Learn something new every day.
  • Consider how you can use what you learn in the challenge to create more equitable spaces.


Today's Activities

Choose one or more of these daily activities to learn about today’s topic. Plan to set aside 15 to 30 minutes to complete the activities and journal about your thoughts and feelings. 








Watch “Equity and Equality” (3:44) from the University of Maine’s Rising Tide Center to learn more about the difference between equity and equality through real-life examples.


Listen to the song “Mr. Cab Driver” (3:59), recorded by Lenny Kravitz, about the prejudice that he experienced from a cab driver — part of a pattern that many Black individuals experience throughout their lives.


Read “Equity vs. Equality: What’s the Difference?” (7 min) from the Milken Institute School of Public Health to learn how you can recognize them in different circumstances.


Capture what you learned by writing down your thoughts and feelings about today's content.

  • What are you most looking forward to over the next 21 weekdays?
  • What are you hoping to learn during this challenge?
  • How do you expect to use what you learn during this challenge to create more equitable spaces?
  • What is the difference between equity and equality? Is one more important than the other?

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