Iowa Equity Challenge Day 21

Day 21 of 21


Thank you so much for taking the initiative to improve yourself and your community by participating in this 21-Day Equity Challenge!


We hope you developed a deeper understanding of what holds people back in our state — and what small steps you can take to help create a more equitable Iowa for everyone. 


At United Way, we know that equity is critical to ensuring that all Iowans have a chance at an education, a good job, a healthy life, and a secure future. Together, we can change our communities for the better. 


None of this would be possible without the support of our outstanding sponsors: Alliant EnergyCedar Rapids Bank & TrustCargill (Cedar Rapids and Eddyville facilities), and GreenState Credit Union. We are enormously grateful to these organizations for taking a stand for equity in our state.


Before you dive into today’s activities, please take a few minutes to complete our post-challenge survey. Your answers are anonymous, unless you grant us permission to share. Please be completely honest, as your feedback will help us understand how you grew throughout the challenge and what topics resonated with you the most. 


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The Iowa Equity Challenge does not end here! Your actions will carry the work forward in your community and throughout the state. The activities below offer ideas for how you can continue your personal equity journey.


We hope that the knowledge you gained over the past month has opened your eyes to the problems many Iowans face on a daily basis. We know that you have the courage to stand up for your neighbors and help create more equitable spaces for everyone.


Learning Objectives

  • Determine one way to create a more equitable space in your private life.
  • Determine one way to create a more equitable space in your professional life.
  • Determine one way to create a more equitable space in your community.


Today's Activities


Choose one or more of these daily activities to learn about today’s topic. Plan to set aside 15 to 30 minutes to complete the activities and journal about your thoughts and feelings. 


Revisit content from all 21 days of the Iowa Equity Challenge on the United Ways of Iowa website

  • Return to topics that resonated with you or that you didn’t have time to fully explore. 
  • Check out the Additional Resources & Activities section to dive deeper into specific topics. 
  • Consider making a list of resources that interest you that you can return to in the future.


Research how to take action on equity-related issues within your community. You might start with your school board, city council, faith-based organization, or local United Way. 


After you’ve found some opportunities to get involved, write down an achievable goal you plan to complete within a specific timeframe. Research shows that when you write down your goals, you are more likely to commit to them and achieve them.



Reach out to your local United Way to express your interest in additional equity-related events or conversations. If you’re unsure who to contact, just reply to this email. 



As this is the final day of the challenge, spend some extra time reflecting on your thoughts and feelings about the entire experience. 

  • What are your identities? In what ways have these identities impacted your life?
  • Have any of your identities provided you with more social capital or privilege in certain environments? Have any of your identities resulted in less privilege?
  • Where have you seen evidence of inequities and/or systemic and structural racism in your community?
  • What were some of your assumptions about race and/or equity before this challenge? How have those assumptions been challenged or reinforced? 
  • What are two or three actions you can take to create a more inclusive and equitable environment in your personal life, workplace, or community?

Download a free journal page for today.


Additional Resources & Activities


If you would like to dig deeper into this issue, check out these additional resources. We encourage you to revisit this material when you have more time. Feel free to come back to this topic as often as you’d like!




Share your reflections on today’s topic on social media using the hashtag #IowaEquityChallenge.